Standing with the People of Hong Kong

Standing with the People of Hong Kong720405Jamie Metzl

The people of Hong Kong have been fighting for many years to hold China to the commitments Beijing voluntary made in 1984 allowing Hong Kong a “high degree of autonomy,”…

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China Still Holds the Key for Getting Tough with Pyongyang

China Still Holds the Key for Getting Tough with Pyongyang150150Jamie Metzl

Only China has the means of taking action that could alter North Korea’s behavior—by cutting back trade, tourism, and food and energy assistance to Pyongyang—but China will still be unlikely to take these kinds of strong measures for fear of destabilizing the North Korean regime. Such a policy undermines security in North Asia and should not be cost free for Beijing. 

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China’s Stock Bubble Will Burst

China’s Stock Bubble Will BurstJamie Metzl

In my CNN interview from this morning, linked here, I explore China’s stock market bubble. Like all bubbles, this one will pop. The only question is when.

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The Coming Collapse of North Korea?

The Coming Collapse of North Korea?150150Jamie Metzl

In my National Interest editorial linked here, I predict that the North Korean government will collapse within ten years. Although the regime’s inflexibility and willingness to use deadly force virtually ensures that change…

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China’s Slowing Economy

China’s Slowing EconomyJamie Metzl

Please have a look at my CNN interview on China’s slowing economy, linked here. Just released GDP, import, and export numbers all indicate a further slowing of the Chinese economy. The 7%…

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