Standing with the People of Hong Kong

Standing with the People of Hong Kong 720 405 Jamie Metzl

The people of Hong Kong have been fighting for many years to hold China to the commitments Beijing voluntary made in 1984 allowing Hong Kong a “high degree of autonomy,”…

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China Market Turmoil

China Market Turmoil 150 150 Jamie Metzl

As I mention in my CNN interview from earlier today, this week’s market turmoil in China is likely only the beginning of a more significant correction. When the Chinese government…

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UK Should Not Abandon Its Values

UK Should Not Abandon Its Values Jamie Metzl

In my CNN and BBC World Service interviews on Xi Jinping’s visit to the UK, I argue that it’s great for the UK to strengthen commercial ties with China, just not at…

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China’s Market Wobble

China’s Market Wobble 150 150 Jamie Metzl

In my China/market interviews yesterday on Bloomberg TV and CNN Quest Means Business I expressed my concern that China, the world’s second largest economy, is getting caught between its desire for stimulus…

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China’s Pakistan Adventure

China’s Pakistan Adventure Jamie Metzl
Xi Jinping’s just completed visit to Pakistan is a big deal for China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and the United States. China has pledged $46 billion to develop the port, road, and pipeline infrastructure linking the Pakistani port at Gwadar to Western China’s Xinjiang province, to construct badly needed power plants, and to upgrade Pakistan’s submarines, presumable to carry nuclear weapons. In return,  Pakistan is giving China essentially full access to the Gwadar port. But dealing with Pakistan is never as simple as it may at first seem. read more

Sony, North Korea, and Human Rights

Sony, North Korea, and Human Rights Jamie Metzl
The recent cyberattack on Sony, allegedly perpetrated by North Korea, highlights a dangerous increase in the vulnerability of our globalized world.  read more

Is Something Stirring with North Korea?

Is Something Stirring with North Korea? 150 150 Jamie Metzl

It is no coincidence in my opinion that American detainees Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller were released by North Korea just as President Obama is arriving in Beijing for the…

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