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We Can’t Get Out of this Alone

We Can’t Get Out of this Alone342147Jamie Metzl

Thousands of people are now dead and billions now sheltering at home in fear of a proliferating deadly virus that could have been contained at its source. But even though…

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Standing with the People of Hong Kong

Standing with the People of Hong Kong720405Jamie Metzl

The people of Hong Kong have been fighting for many years to hold China to the commitments Beijing voluntary made in 1984 allowing Hong Kong a “high degree of autonomy,”…

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Censored in China

Censored in China450289Jamie Metzl

In spite of the restrictions on free speech in China, I’ve always had very positive experiences at academic conferences. Although Chinese academics are not always free to speak their minds,…

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Reflections Before the Trump Inauguration

Reflections Before the Trump Inauguration1160629Jamie Metzl

The day before the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States, the level of anxiety and uncertainty among the majority of Americans is dangerously high. Whatever critiques…

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