We Can’t Get Out of this Alone

We Can’t Get Out of this Alone342147Jamie Metzl

Thousands of people are now dead and billions now sheltering at home in fear of a proliferating deadly virus that could have been contained at its source. But even though…

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Virtualizing our Physical Lives

Virtualizing our Physical Lives310163Jamie Metzl

As more of us sensibly restrict our social interactions in an effort to slow the spread of this coronavirus, we will speed up a process of virtualizing our physical world…

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Being Human in an Age of Artificial Intelligence

Being Human in an Age of Artificial Intelligence150150Jamie Metzl

My short story, “A Visit to Weizenbaum,” which recently came out yesterday as part of the Atlantic Council’s War Stories from the Future anthology. The story explores what it means to be a human being in an age of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and anthropomorphized robotics. You can download the e-book for free in any format at this link or read the full text below.

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