Censored in China

Censored in China 450 289 Jamie Metzl

Blogger’s note: (added on September 9, 2021) When I first posted this blog, I chose note to identify that all of this happened at Wuhan University. I did this to…

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President Obama Should Visit Hiroshima

President Obama Should Visit Hiroshima Jamie Metzl

President Obama should visit Hiroshima when he will be in Japan for the G7 Summit in Ise-Shima in late May. If he does, he will be the first sitting US…

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China Still Holds the Key for Getting Tough with Pyongyang

China Still Holds the Key for Getting Tough with Pyongyang 150 150 Jamie Metzl
Only China has the means of taking action that could alter North Korea’s behavior—by cutting back trade, tourism, and food and energy assistance to Pyongyang—but China will still be unlikely to take these kinds of strong measures for fear of destabilizing the North Korean regime. Such a policy undermines security in North Asia and should not be cost free for Beijing.  read more

Korea-Japan Agreement on “Comfort Women”

Korea-Japan Agreement on “Comfort Women” 150 150 Jamie Metzl

The deal between Japan and Korea on the “comfort women” issue is a positive step for both countries. Japan committed terrible atrocities before and during WWII and, as I’ve written…

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Japan and History

Japan and History 150 150 Jamie Metzl

Japan has truly been a miracle country in the 70 years since the end of the war. It has grown its conomy spectacularly, built a vibrant democracy, and been an…

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