SARS-CoV-2的起源 300 168 Jamie Metzl

NOTE: This is the Chinese translation of my English language blog post on the origins of SARS-CoV-2. The English blog was initially posted on April 16, 2020, and has been…

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Saaim Khan and the Antidote to Despair

Saaim Khan and the Antidote to Despair 295 171 Jamie Metzl

I receive a lot of emails from people who’ve learned about OneShared.World or read my books and want to share their stories and explore possible collaborations. All of them move…

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Human Genetic Engineering and the Catholic Church

Human Genetic Engineering and the Catholic Church 512 423 Jamie Metzl

I was deeply honored to be invited last year to speak on the future of human genetic engineering at a small and high-level Vatican conference. While I do not agree…

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We Can’t Get Out of this Alone

We Can’t Get Out of this Alone 342 147 Jamie Metzl

Thousands of people are now dead and billions now sheltering at home in fear of a proliferating deadly virus that could have been contained at its source. But even though…

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Creating a Bach “Eternal Sonata”

Creating a Bach “Eternal Sonata” 800 1190 Jamie Metzl

My new novel, Eternal Sonata (publication date October 4, 2016), imagines a future global struggle to control the science of extreme human life extension. In the novel, a brilliant scientist working to…

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The Case Against “Nature” (and for regulated GMOs)

The Case Against “Nature” (and for regulated GMOs) 276 183 Jamie Metzl
     I love nature as much as the next guy.      I would swap in a moment the beautiful view of the Chrysler building from my New York City office for the span of the Rockies from the top of Colorado’s Independence Pass. I’d happily trade the Disney-like perfection of an American red delicious apple for a misshapen but stronger-tasting French pear.      But would I rather gather food in the forest than have it planted in farms and delivered to the grocery store? Would I rather fight cancer with meditation and prayer than chemotherapy? Would I condemn my friend’s Chihuahua as a genetically manipulated monstrosity of a wolf?      The truth of the matter is that much of what we call “natural” is the product of our own manipulation over time, and that nature, on its own, doesn’t seem to give a rat’s tail (or other part pf the rat’s anatomy) about us. I wish it did. read more