Evangelizing about the intersecting AI and genomics revolutions for Singularity University

Jamie delivers energizing, informative, and actionable keynotes that blow people’s minds and drive meaningful outcomes worldwide. An innovative speaker, author of five important books, media commentator, international columnist, ultramarathoner, and go-to expert for many of the world’s top brands and most influential leaders, Jamie explores the implications of the revolutionary technologies and geopolitical shifts transforming our world and helps people and organizations thrive.

Select Talks

Homo Sapiens 2.0: The Future of Human Genetic Engineering

Tech Open Air, August, 2018

Hacking Life: The Sci & Sci-Fi of Immortality

SXSW, March, 2018

Unlocking the Code of Life

Conversation with George Church and Elizabeth Blackburn at Google Zeitgeist 2017, October 24, 2017

The Future of Human Genetic Engineering

SXSW, March 11, 2017

The Future of Gene Editing#FutureOfGE #CRISPR

Posted by Science & Education Policy Association on Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Future of Gene Editing

Rockefeller University, January 26, 2017

Eternal Sonata: The Science, Science Fiction, and Bioethics of the Genetics Revolution

Crystal, January 3, 2017

Rising China, Trump’s America, and the Dangerous Beginning of a Post-American World

Crystal, December 30, 2016

What You Need to Know About Asia in Forty-Five Minutes and One Slide

Crystal, December 29,2016

Homo Sapiens 2.0: Genetic Enhancement and the Future of Humanity

Crystal, December 27, 2016

Can we live to 150? The Cutting-Edge Science of Human Longevity

92Y, November 14, 2016

Stanley Kubrick and the Exponential Future

Contemporary Jewish Museum, October 14, 2016

Hacking Biology

Google, October 13, 2016

Decoding the Human Genome

Google Zeitgeist, September 19, 2016

The End of Sex and the Future of Human Reproduction

92Y, September 11, 2016

The National Security Implications of the Genetics Revolution

Harvard Law School, April 5, 2016

Can Genius Be Genetically Engineered?

92Y, March 10, 2016

Can China Avoid Economic Crisis?

Vail Symposium, February 25, 2016


Is There a Fatal Flaw at the Heart of China’s Reform Process?

Podcast | China-US Business Council, May 5, 2015

Genetic Enhancement, Ethics, and the Future of Humanity

Brandeis University, March 10, 2015

Homo Sapiens 2.0: Genetic Enhancement and the Future of Humanity

92d Street Y, November 24, 2014

US-China Relations at the Genetic Frontier

Commonwealth Club, November 12, 2014

The National Security Implications of the Genetics Revolution

Atlantic Council, November 7, 2014

Rising China and the Changing World Order

Vail Symposium, June 28, 2013

Rising China, Changing World

Imagine Solutions Conference, February 11, 2013

Lobsang Sangay on What’s Next for Tibet

Article | Asia Society, July 22, 2011

Can President Obama’s New Afghanistan Strategy Succeed?

Article | Asia Society, December 8, 2009

Sri Lankan PM Ratnasiri Wickremanayake on Sri Lanka’s Challenges

Article | Asia Society, September 24, 2009


R/Evolution at the Intersection of AI and Genomics

After decades of slow progress during the long “AI Winter,” the field of artificial intelligence is now blossoming in an “AI Spring” fundamentally transforming the way we live, work, and innovate. But the AI revolution won’t just change what we do, it will ultimately transform who we are. Most people already appreciate that genome sequencing and other genetic technologies with alter the way we treat cancer and other diseases. But the healthcare applications of genomics are just a station along the way in this profound revolution at the intersection of AI and Genomics. The ultimate destination is nothing less than the transformation of our evolutionary trajectory as a species. While the idea of creating humans with exceptional traits like higher IQ, disease resistance, or the ability to live longer and healthier lives may seem  the stuff of science fiction, this future is far closer than most people understand or appreciate. In this mind-blowing and highly entertaining talk, futurist Jamie Metzl explains in clear, colorful, and concise language the coming revolution at the intersection of AI and genomics with its incredible promise and frightening danger, and explores what every person, company, and country can and must do to prepare.

What You Need to Know About the Future

Converging political, geopolitical, and technological revolutions are making now the greatest moment of global change at least since 1945 and possibly ever. With nationalism rising around the world, the post-war international order in rapid decline, China significantly expanding its global influence, and the AI, genetics, blockchain, and other revolutions shaking the foundations of the world we’ve known, the pressure is mounting for individuals, companies, and countries to either understand and quickly adapt to these converging super-trends or pay a massive competitive price. In this talk spanning the wide range of factors transforming our world at lightning speed, geopolitical expert and technology futurist Jamie paints a vivid picture of where we are heading and outlines key principles for how individuals, companies, and countries can best position themselves to ride the rising tidal wave of revolutionary change.

Hacking Darwin: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Humanity

After four billion years of evolution through the Darwinian principles of random mutation and natural selection, our species is about to take control of our evolution. The genetic revolution will allow us to eliminate genetic diseases which have plagued our ancestors for millennia, live longer healthier lives, and transform how we make babies and ultimately the nature of the babies we make. The genetics revolution will be the greatest opportunity of our era, and also the greatest challenge — and it will have massive business implications that will increasingly define organizational success and failure in the 21st century.

Hacking immortality: The Science and Science Fiction of Human Life Extension

In this exciting talk, Jamie Metzl explores the latest technological breakthroughs in the science of human life extension and their implications on the personal and societal levels. While the quest for immortality has been the stuff of fairy tales, the new science of life extension is very real and will soon be pushing the limits of aging and unlocking human potential. A rare combination of science expert and science fiction writer, Jamie brings the science to life and explains what people can and should be doing now to prepare for this revolutionary future that will fundamentally reorganize modern societies and have monumental implications for businesses and other organizations.

Think Like a Sci-Fi Writer: How to unlock your and your organization’s hidden potential in an era of revolutionary change

The future is coming at us faster than ever before. As the pace of technological change in fields like artificial intelligence, genomics, and robotics increases exponentially, the sands of national and international politics are shifting under our feet more than at any time since the end of WWII. But while this moment of radical change creates great peril for organizations that stick too rigidly to traditional ways of thinking and operating, it provides unparalleled opportunities for those who challenge themselves to think differently, creatively imagine future scenarios, and set out on a journey to succeed in a radically new environment. Organizations must, in other words, begin thinking like science fiction writers. In this wide-ranging and highly focused talk, Jamie clearly explains the converging mega-trends reshaping our world, describes how science fiction writers draw on evidence from the present to build a world of tomorrow, and outlines a specific road map for how organizations can use the powerful tool of thinking more like science fiction writers to better prepare for the future and unlock hidden organizational potential.

What You Need to Know About Asia in One Hour and One Slide

Asia’s rapid rise is reversing a current of westernized globalization that has flown for five hundred years. Understanding how Asia is transforming itself and the world is no longer just a matter of curiosity for outsiders, it is essential to making smart decisions. In this wide-ranging talk spanning thousands of years and multiple cultures, Asia expert Metzl draws on history, culture, science, technology, and politics to explain the background, drivers, and implications of Asia’s rise.

Global Geopolitics in an Age of Trump

The “America First” foreign policy of the Trump administration is hastening the demise of the post-War international system that was already in a state of crisis. But how will global peace, security, and stability be maintained in a world that has become dependent on American internationalism? In this talk spanning five hundred years of history, Jamie Metzl explores how our world today is structured in response to the destruction of the two World Wars and what it will mean to return to a world defined by strong states in a balance of power system. As the post-War era draws to a close, the ghosts of history are returning with a vengeance — with the world order, the global economic system, and the military balance hanging in the balance. The coming world disorder will create enormous challenges for companies and other organizations but even greater opportunities those who understand and prepare for what is coming.

Rising China and the Shifting Geopolitics of Asia

Fast-rising China is not just changing Asia, it is fundamentally transforming the global order. China’s economic growth, military expansion, behavior in the South and East China Seas, growing presence around the world, and increasingly emboldened foreign policy present a growing challenge to the US-led global system created in the aftermath of the Second World War. With America less able to serve as guarantor of the international system, and Europe incapable of realizing a coordinated foreign policy strategy and unwilling to invest sufficiently in military readiness, efforts to address major crises, promote a single set of rules governing the global economy, and support human rights around the world are faltering. But with China’s investment and manufacturing-based growth strategy losing steam, China itself will need to find a new model if it is to avoid stagnation. Living in a post-American world will have enormous consequences and touch every aspect of our lives. Jamie explores the key drivers of our fundamentally transforming world, what it will mean for global politics, economics, and culture, and how businesses and other organizations can best prepare.


“Jamie’s talk on ‘Donald Trump and the Changing Geopolitics of Asia’ was an absolute tour de force that blew away our members. Jamie took what could have been a narrowly focused topic and put it in a far broader historical and political context that helped the audience to see the big picture of U.S.-China relations and the dynamics shaping it. His thought-provoking and expansive talk generated a fascinating discussion and left us seeing the world from an entirely different—and deeply appreciated—perspective.”
— Courtney Doggart, President, Network 20/20

“IVY hosts dozens of incredible lectures led by leading minds around the country each year, but I’ve never seen our members as engaged with the speaker and the subject matter as they were with Dr. Metzl. He captivated the room with the intricacies of the future of science and humanity. After the lecture members lingered for more than two hours discussing the implications of the future of genetic engineering and debating what, if anything, should be done about it.”
— IVY Connect

“Jamie is a fantastic authority and resource on all things related to China. I hired Jamie as a panelist and keynote speaker in 2016 after hearing Jamie speak at an Atlantic Council event. He was extremely knowledgeable, flexible and a pleasure to work with on our event programming. I was particularly impressed by Jamie’s presence and command of the topics and his ability to engage with the audience in a meaningful way. Throughout our preparation, Jamie was always accessible and provided constructive ways to improve our program. Jamie is at the top of my list for my speaking engagement needs.”

“Jamie Metzl spoke to a captivated audience about a fascinating and complicated subject. Bio-engineering and its impact upon the future of mankind was the topic Dr. Metzl aptly articulated in an enthralling yet relatable style. From the start, he built a genuine rapport with the audience as he communicated so that each person understood as clearly as possible the subject matter. Jamie’s presentation was amazingly fluid and perfectly paced as he spoke effortlessly without notes or prompts. ‘Jamie is the best speaker we’ve ever had.’ ‘This event was a home run because of Jamie Metzl!’ ‘Jamie is engaging and smoothly breaks it down.’ These are just a few samples of the positive comments received from the audience after the presentation. Our community is excited about Jamie’s return for an encore!”
— Kansas City Jewish Federation

“Jamie spoke to the senior most lay leadership of our non-partisan, nonprofit organization on U.S. foreign policy and, particularly, as it relates to the Asia Pacific region—a topic that is difficult to address, both because it is inherently complex and politically sensitive. Jamie overcame these challenges and adeptly and tactfully addressed the issues, giving historical context and his own perspective in a clear and effective manner. His breadth of knowledge is impressive. Jamie is very personable, and his intelligence, confidence and personal charm were extremely well received. Many people commented after his presentation and the ensuing discussion that he is one of the best speakers they have heard in a very long while—and this is a group that is accustomed to hearing many high-level speakers. We look forward to the next opportunity to host Jamie as a speaker again.”
—Shira Loewenberg, Director, AJC Asia Pacific Institute (API)

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