Countering Beijing’s Olympic Propaganda

Countering Beijing’s Olympic Propaganda 275 183 Jamie Metzl

Like many sports fans around the world, I love the Olympics for what they represent: an opportunity for incredible athletes from 200-plus countries and territories to come together in a…

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China’s Pakistan Adventure

China’s Pakistan Adventure Jamie Metzl
Xi Jinping’s just completed visit to Pakistan is a big deal for China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and the United States. China has pledged $46 billion to develop the port, road, and pipeline infrastructure linking the Pakistani port at Gwadar to Western China’s Xinjiang province, to construct badly needed power plants, and to upgrade Pakistan’s submarines, presumable to carry nuclear weapons. In return,  Pakistan is giving China essentially full access to the Gwadar port. But dealing with Pakistan is never as simple as it may at first seem. read more