NY Times story on PGD only the tip of the iceberg!

NY Times story on PGD only the tip of the iceberg!

150 150 Jamie Metzl

Gina Kolata’s important article in today’s New York Times (linked here) on the ethical questions surrounding preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and embryo selection only touches the very tip of the genetic iceberg. 


The current limited use of PGD is, in my opinion, only the gateway to a future where nearly all reproduction will be science assisted (IVF, PGD and genetic selection at the start, coupled with genetic manipulation afterwards), sex will be a form a recreation but not a tool for procreation, and government and insurance companies will require genetic screening because it will be so much cheaper to prevent genetic-caused illness that to treat it for a lifetime. 


Even if some small group or individual countries opt out, the competitive pressures within and between societies will make it all but impossible to reverse this trend on a macro level once (and if) it is proven safe.


This future is coming faster than we think, and we all need to be doing much, much more to foster the national and global dialogue necessary to help us all start preparing.